Attorney Crawford began his legal career as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in the Cole County, Missouri Prosecuting Attorney's Office, located in Jefferson City, MO. As an Assistant Prosecutor, he gained immeasurable expertise and experience in litigating various criminal cases involving misdemeanor as well as felony charges. As a prosecutor Mr. Crawford obtained proficiency as an attorney practicing in criminal law, no matter what the charge or circumstances turned out to be. Attorney Crawford successfully tried several felony cases to juries, and countless trials by judge. Attorney Crawford has the familiarity and know-how you need when facing criminal charges in KS or MO. It is that familiarity and know-how that our clients have come to count on and trust.

Attorney Crawford has also successfully represented clients facing a DWI/DUI charge. Whether you are being charged as a first-time offender or with a felony DUI, Attorney Crawford has handled many DWI/DUI cases, both as a prosecutor, and as a defense attorney. DWI/DUI charges have very serious and long-lasting consequences, it is important to have an attorney that is familiar with every aspect of handling a DWI/DUI charge.

When it comes to traffic cases, Attorney Crawford understands that a client's license is that client's freedom, and a vital aspect of each client's life. Attorney Licensed to practice in Missouri & Kansas, Attorney Michael Crawford primarily focuses his practice on providing representation in the areas of criminal law, DUI/DWI defense, as well as traffic matters.
Crawford handles all of your Missouri and Kansas traffic charges and circumstances you may be facing. From minor infractions, to speeding tickets, and complex license reinstatement. Attorney Crawford has a proven track record of guiding countless clients through the tedious and complicated process of reinstating their driving privileges, when those clients had previously been unable to obtain a valid driver's license, some for up to 10 years.

Attorney Crawford has a demonstrated commitment to protecting each and every clients' rights and interests to the fullest extent, no matter the legal circumstances they may be facing.