Michael is a great attorney. I've worked with him for several years now and he has never let me down. You have my support. :)

Nay D. | 5 Stars

Handle business very professionally and efficient.. was a real life saver KEPT me out of JAIL!!!!

Devan D. | 5 Stars

Great attorney, truly cares about the outcome from the client's perspective

Peter S. | 5 Stars

Michael was grade A. He has great relationships with the local prosecutors and he got me out of a life changing jam.

Jodeci L.| 5 Stars

He helped me with my Dui and house arrest was always available if I had questions

David J. | 5 Stars

Michael did a superb job navigating the courts for me and conveying the relevant information. He was able to successfully convince the courts to shorten the term of my house arrest by 25%. I would highly recommend taking advantage of his services as they were beneficial and cost-efficient.

Mitch | 5 Stars

Unfortunately, even good people can run into problems with the law, and any position where you need to prove your innocence is a scary one. Thankfully, people like Michael Crawford exist. He took on multiple cases of mine at once and gave me an insanely good legal defense for everyone. Michael truly devotes so much time and attention to every case in front of them. Because I had given him multiple complex cases at once, he was honest with me and said he'd feel more comfortable if we brought another attorney into the picture to help with one of my cases. I was all for this idea... until she dropped the ball and couldn't make it to my trial date. I learned this last minute, and when I called Michael, he dropped what he was doing, showed up at my trial in her place, and argued with the judge to reschedule my trail to a date that would work for me... Everything he did went above and beyond what I was paying him for, and he earned himself a client for life... Let's just hope I won't be getting caught up with the law again any time soon.

Josh P. | 5 Stars

Mr. Crawford was incredibly helpful when handling my case. He is timely and professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of legal defense.

Anonymous | 5 Stars

Mr. Crawford was always on top of any deadlines that we had for my case and was very willing to explain any questions or concerns throughout the process. A professional and helpful lawyer who I would highly recommend.

Anonymous | 5 Stars

I contacted Mr. Crawford for professional advice about a speeding ticket. He explained the process he would follow to contest this citation and we agreed to hire him. He followed through and did precisely what he said he would do in a timely manner. I was very pleased with his professional manner and with the outcome of this legal matter.

Susan | 5 Stars